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AUGUST 15, 2020

Ashley with Miss Maven

Because of a last minute cancelation, I was in need of a model for a photoshoot I had planned months in advance. Fellow photographer, Cecily Pacifico with Pacifico Media, coordinated this shoot with Miss Maven the vintage Volkswagen Bus out at Wickham Park in Melborne. Thankfully Ashley was available and willing to drive out to the location and model for me under the hot summer sun. We blasted Stevie Nicks on Ashley's bluetooth speaker and captured all the fun, hippie vibes!

Ashley has become a bit of a muse for me. She and I went to high school together where we were both involved with the theater company. While I went on to pursue fine art and photography, she has pursued her passion of performing, and let me tell you, she is a STAR! Not only can she sing and dance, but she is magic in front of the camera!

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