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October 6, 2019

James + Sheri

Back in 2015, Sheri and I were college roommates at Daytona State College. One day we were chatting about boys and dating, and for some reason I mentioned to her that I thought she'd really like my cousin, James. I showed her a picture and told her all about their common interests. I could tell she thought he was attractive, but not much else came from the conversation. That following summer, at a family reunion in Connecticut, I saw James and told him about my cute roommate and showed him a picture as well. I wouldn't call myself a matchmaker, but there was just something in me that said these two could make a great couple. All I did was plant a seed and they handled the rest! Sheri and James met just a couple months later when James suddenly felt the urge to visit Florida and they hit it off right away. Sheri moved up to Connecticut to be with James the next year where they bought a house, raised two pups, and opened their very own gym!

I cannot begin to express the amount of joy and gratitude I have for these two! James and Sheri truly are soulmates. Seeing all they've accomplished as a couple, traveling across the country to witness and film their wedding, hearing their vows and celebrating their love and commitment with friends and family; it all brings tears to my eyes to know I've played even the tiniest role in helping them find each other. James and Sheri, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to come along with you on your wedding adventure. I love you both!

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