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DECEMBER 7, 2019

Michaels Family at Ponce Inlet

Kimberly Michaels reached out to me with the wonderful idea of gifting a family photoshoot to her mother, Annabelle. Kim envisioned portraits of her husband, daughter, and sister with her mother that they could all cherish and enjoy forever. We decided on Light House Point Park in Ponce Inlet for the location and it turned out to be the perfect back drop for this sweet family. Kim's mother and the entire family were an absolute joy to photograph, especially little Kira! What a doll! She gave no fuss when it came to smiling for the camera. Her playful personality shined through all the photos and her love for grandma was undeniable. Not to mention, she had us all giggling the entire shoot! Throughout the quick half hour session I could see how much joy the experience brought Annabelle and I am so honored to have had the opportunity to help gift her with these lovely memories.

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