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It all started when I was just a little kid. My earliest memories revolve around my interest and genuine passion for the arts. Drawing, painting, sculpting, music, acting... you name it, I did it! For years I’ve enjoyed learning and creating with countless mediums, but photography has always been my constant.


I've been photographing the beautiful people in my life since my days in high school when I would steal my mom's Sony Cyber-shot for spontaneous photo shoots with friends. When my family would travel out of town, I was the one to document the trip. If I was bored at home I'd make silly music videos in my back yard or take self-portraits in my bedroom. I loved creating so much that when it came time for me to go to college it never crossed my mind to study anything other than art. I've completed multiple degrees in Fine Art and Photography; ultimately receiving a Bachelor's degree in Photography from the University of Central Florida. Since completing school I’ve stayed local to the Central Florida area, but I’m always ready to travel wherever the next event or project takes me!


'Cause I know I am!

I'm Tori Camera


Yes, that really is my last name

(Tohr-ee Kuh-mair-uh)


Capturing the spontaneous and genuine and telling a story through portraiture and videography is my passion. As a photographer and filmmaker, I get to fulfill my dream of having a creative career - - getting to spend my days making art. The photographs we create together aren’t just pretty pictures, they are moments that have become memories that will live on forever. Your wedding film is a time capsule of pure love and happiness.  For me, the most rewarding aspect of what I do is seeing the joy my work brings to everyone who stands in front of my camera. It was my innate desire to create that led me to pursue a career in the arts, but it’s my love of people that inspires me to continue what I do. From weddings and portraits to collaborative projects with fellow creatives, it’s connecting with other that makes what I do all the more fun!


If you’re ready to make some magic with me, say hello!

I can’t wait to meet you and get creative together!

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*Pricing is subject to vary.


Most popular wedding package starts at $2860

Portraits start at $300


Most popular wedding package starts at $3360

Please inquire for pricing on other video projects


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