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OCTOBER 6, 2019

Brianna at Glen Canyon Dam

For years I have been dying to get my cousin, Brianna, in front of my camera. First of all, she is gorgeous! Second, she is a beautifully talented ballerina. We would talk about having a photoshoot often, but with us both being busy young women, living in separate states, the opportunity was rare. That was until October of 2019. Our cousin, James and his fiance Sheri (who also happened to be my college roommate, but that's a story for another time) were planning a destination wedding in Page, AZ. They were going to spend a long weekend touring the canyons and desert then get married out on Horseshoe Bend. Once they hired me to film the wedding (watch film) I quickly messaged Brianna to find out if she would also be attending. Sure enough, she was going to make it and agreed to finally make our dream photoshoot happen. In the early morning hours of James and Sheri's wedding day, Brianna and I snuck out to Glen Canyon Dam to snap some photos and film her dancing. I'm so in love with how they all came out and still swoon every time I look at them. Be sure to also check out the short dance film I put together from this day!

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